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Costa Ofrynio Booking & Wine Daytrip

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3 days  | Costa Ofrynio Booking | Daytrip with Meal

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All about the Costa Ofrynio Booking & Wine Daytrip.

A beautiful three days with accommodation in Costa Ofrynio and a day trip on the 2nd day with a visit to a unique river cave, a mythical monastery, the archaeological site of Philippi, a beautiful Winery and lunch in a traditional tavern in Drama.


* Children 0 to 5 years old are Free.

** Reservation must have at least one adult.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 2 nights at Costa OFrynio
  • Day trip in the area with 4×4 vehicle, with pickup and return from Costa Ofrynio Booking.
  • Entrance to the Aggiti cave
  • Visit to the monastery of Ikosifonissa
  • Visit to a Winery
  • Visit and Entrance Ticket for the Archaeological Site of Philippi
  • Meal in a traditional tavern in Drama.
  • liability insurance.
  • VAT and all necessary taxes
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • anything not listed on the package
  1. 1st Day Arrival

    Arrival at Costa Ofrynio Booking


    Gift a bottle of wine.

    Free parking

    Free Wifi

  2. 2nd Day Winery, Cave Aggitis, Monastery, Phillipi

    Departure from our apartment in the morning and we head to the Maara area and the Aggitis springs. A green environment in the trees and a unique river cave. We continue our excursion with one of the largest pilgrimages in Macedonia as well as the oldest active monastery in Greece and Europe. The monastery of Ikosifinissa. We will continue our excursion with one of the top wineries in the area where we will be guided through its premises and taste their wine. Our excursion continues with our visit to the Archaeological site of Philippi, a UNESCO world heritage site. Finally we will have lunch in a traditional tavern of the area and return to our hotel with the best impressions.

  3. 3rd Day Departure

    At noon departure from Costa Ofrynio Booking

Διαμονή στο Costa Ofrynio

2 nights at Costa Ofrynio Booking

There are all kinds of accommodations, depending on the number of travelers.




*contact us for more options in your accomondation.

Your accomondation includes
  • Gift a bottle of wine.
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi

The meal will be at the traditional Karvouniaris tavern in Drama.

The menu for 2 people includes:

A Village Salad
Tomato cucumber fresh and dry onion
( of our production ) feta and extra virgin

A French fries
Fresh potato cut by hand,
we serve it with oregano and varieties of pepper.

An Eggplant
Grilled, we serve it to you
with goat and sheep butter, feta cheese, tomato
and extra virgin olive oil.

A Caserocroquettes
Balls with 4 cheese breaded with breadcrumbs, served with lemon mayonnaise.

A grill pan
Comes with fresh homemade strawberry jam.

Two oil pies in the pan

Four Suzukas
with mixed minced meat and fresh herbs.
Weight: 60 grams.

Four pork skewers
Pork neck pieces.
Weight: 100 grams.

Two pancettas
Pancetta or pancetta word
of Italian origin the piece is called
of pork originating from
abdominal area of ​​the animal,
we serve it marinated
with pure fresh ingredients.
Weight: 150-160 grams.

A chicken burger
Weight 200 grams

A 100% beef burger
Weight: 200 grams.
3-4 cm thick

At the end, a sweet treat from the shop..

1 glass of THEMA PAVLIDI per person
Red, Rose or White

No. Both the cave ticket, and the entrance with tasting at the Winery and the Entrance to the Philippi Archaeological site are paid by us.

*The monastery does not have an entrance ticket.

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