About Us

TravelExplore is the new part of the travel agency MICHAILIDIS TOURS & TRAVELEXPLORE (founded in 1989) created for the purpose of Alternative tourism in the wider region of Drama and the unknown Northern Greece as well as to promote the special beauties of the region and the promotion in the modern tourist environment. With a deep knowledge of the area and its characteristic advantages, we invite you to travel with us, to new experiences and new destinations.

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Travel with us

We help you get to know the unknown Northern Greece

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Alternative Tourism

We help the traveler to get to know the local culture of the area, with new experiences and always for the benefit of the traveler

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Our Vision

Our primary goal is the absolutely happy traveler.


with over 30 years of experience in tourism, we move forward with the creation of new experiences.

We listen - We upgrade - We evolve

The philosophy of our office is the constant search for new and better services, so that we are constantly evolving, upgrading our equipment and means of transport and above all listening carefully to what the traveler has to say. The priority for us is always the person and we try to serve in the best way.

Ecological Philosophy

In all these benefits of alternative tourism, a necessary condition is our ecological consciousness, which we not only cultivate but we try to raise the awareness of the visitors of our area, as well as the acquaintance with the local culture of the area, the customs, and the local habits.

our people, our strength

We give great support to the people who work with us as well as to our partners. This whole chain of people who embrace our philosophy, is a commitment for us and is our strength to go further and further.

We focus on the needs of the traveler

We try to offer you a wide variety of options in the area, with excursions, tours, activities that can be adapted to the requirements of each traveler. All our tourism products are adapted to your needs and are always made with the best customer in mind.

``Let us show you the unknown beautiful Greece``
Ecological Excursions

In all our excursions our ecological consciousness guides our planning.

Green Tourism

We always try to sensitize visiting travelers to environmental issues.

Our place, Our life

We give a great basis to the local culture and the local products of the region.


The great cultural heritage of the area is a pole of attraction for all travelers.


Technology and its continuous evolution is an essential ingredient for our success.


Innovation and research are our essential ingredient in creating new experiences.

Your opinion matters

Your opinion is of the utmost importance for us, because it helps us to become better and to evolve.

Value to people

Our priority is the traveler who wants to live new authentic experiences.

``Feel in nature again ...``