Feel the wild beauty of nature

Mountains and nature in general in recent years have been a way out of everyday problems for thousands of people living in the small town. The wider area of ​​Drama with the forest of Elatia and the Virgin Forest of Fraktos is a pole of attraction for those who want to feel the wild beauty of nature where the orgiastic vegetation and the huge biodiversity, make it a unique phenomenon for the country.

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Best Seasons:All the Year
Popular Location:Elatia Forest, Virgin forest of Frakto

Off Road Safari Trips

Choose one of our jeep 4x4 excursions in the unique mountains of Drama or create your own excursion according to your wishes.
Spilaio Aggiti stin Drama

    Aggitis Trail 4×4

    8 hours

    Excursion with wine tasting in the land of Dionysus, where we will admire the unique Cave of Aggitis springs as well as its Gorge with its magnificent view and the 2,500-year-old rock paintings found in the Cave of Orpheus.

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    alexiptwto plagias dramas explore


      2 hours

      Experience the unique paragliding experience. Flight with one of the certified pilots and all you need is good clothes, boots and the right weather.

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      Partheno Dasos Fraktou Drama

        Nestos Land

        8 hours

        A unique trip to Paranesti Land. Waterfalls, Secluded Chapels, Large Dams and more.

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        Dasos Elatias stin Drama enallaktikes morfes tourismou

          Wine in the Forest

          6 hours

          Excursion with a 4×4 jeep in the forest of Elatia and wine tasting in an “authentic and unique museum of nature with orgiastic vegetation and wild beauty”

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          Falakro oros stin Drama me xionia

            North Drama 4×4

            8 hours

            An excursion to Fort Lisse, in one of the few river Caves in Greece, the Cave of Aggitis and in one of the leading wineries in the area.

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