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Elatia Forest
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Elatia Forest
Elatia Forest
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Brunch στο Δάσος Ελατιάς
Brunch in the Forest 3
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Brunch in the Forest 4
Elatia Forest
Elatia Forest
Brunch στο Δάσος Ελατιάς 2
Elatia Forest
Elatia Forest
Elatia Forest

Brunch in the Forest


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Excursion with a 4×4 jeep in the forest of Elatia and brunch in an “authentic and unique museum of nature with orgiastic vegetation and wild beauty”

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All about the Brunch in the Forest.

The forest of Elatia. The legendary Cara Dere. 700,000 acres of orchard vegetation on the Greek-Bulgarian border, on the golden section of the pan-European and Mediterranean climate zone, with spruce (Picea abies) at its southern limit. Since we are talking about spruce to say that it is a type of fir that is found mainly in the Nordic countries, but in Greece we will find it only here. These are the tallest trees that can be found in our country, their height exceeds 50 meters and reaches up to 60 or even 65 meters. Its shape is very characteristic creating with its branches and needles hanging down fringes. Its bark is used in tanning and its resin is known as Burgundy resin. It is not only the spruce that makes the Kara Dere forest unique. It is also the only birch forest in Greece (I will mention below), it is the beeches, the oaks, the black pines, the chestnuts, the maples, the cedars, the fraxes, the alders, the anchovies, the wild roses, the bilberries, the forest pine etc. The forest pine is found only here. It is a very tall tree with a completely vertical trunk that brings color to the tile and has small pine cones.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Pick up and return to your hotel.
  • Transportation by jeep 4×4
  • Experienced guide with knowledge of the area.
  • Brunch at Stravorema with wine from Drama, local snacks and pies (one of the most beautiful places of the area)
  • liability insurance.
  • VAT and all necessary taxes
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • sport shoes
  1. 09.00 departure

    Departure for the northern part of the Prefecture of Drama and the unique Forest of Elatia. After passing the village brigadiers we head north and cross the legendary bridge of the popes. We continue for the last villages of Sidironero and Skaloti and we continue for the forest village of Elatia.

  2. 10.30 Forest Village

    Arrival in the forest village of Elatia where it is the starting point of many routes. A walk to the villa of Sarakatsani where they gather every summer.

  3. 11.00 Stravorema

    We go to Stravorema and the unique beauty landscape.  Τhen we will have a brunch with local products and pies.

  4. 12.30 return

    We are slowly making our way back.

  5. 14.00 Drama city

    Arrival in Drama.

Combine your excursion with an overnight stay in the area.

Contact us to find you the best accommodation in the area according to your requirements.

You will need a pair of sports or mountaineering shoes and an overcoat because the temperature is much lower than in Drama. In case of rain our company will supply you with raincoats.

The access trip is not required to anyone at all Fitness The walk to do in the quote is at 1000 meters. Athletic sneakers are diffused.

Overall Rating
George Nikolaidis
Reviewed On 16/02/2021

What a great trip. One of the most beautiful forests in Greece. Great Nature. The Driver and Owner was very pleasent . I want to go again 100%.