Lets fly again...

Do you want to taste the magic of free flight with a paraglider? It has never been easier. Anyone can fly with a paraglider, all you need is courage. To do a double flight with one of the certified pilots all you need is good clothing, boots and the right weather.

The training that is short is done on the spot by the pilot who will fly you and all he needs from you is… a good run during takeoff and that was it. At the end you will receive a video with your flight as well as a souvenir of confirmation of parachuting.

Do not be late ... Call us to inform you ....

Flight conditions
Age: 12 years and over
From 12-18 years old, parental consent is required
Body weight: 30-100kg (120kg max)
Shoes: Fixed shoes (sneakers or boots)
Clothes: Warm clothes in winter and windy in summer

The duration of the flight is from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the weather conditions and the take-off height (usually the duration is 10-15 minutes)

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Best Seasons:April to October
Popular Location:Drama


Enjoy this wonderful experience or combine it with excursions in the area.


    2 hours

    Experience the unique paragliding experience. Flight with one of the certified pilots and all you need is good clothes, boots and the right weather.

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    Falakro oros stin Drama me xionia

      North Drama 4×4

      8 hours

      An excursion to Fort Lisse, in one of the few river Caves in Greece, the Cave of Aggitis and in one of the leading wineries in the area.

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